AirWave, in conjunction with Floeter, is a company that stands for true pioneering work in air cushioning. We were the first company to recognize in the 1990’s that as modern logistics were fundamentally changing, so too were the demands in packaging. We understood at an early stage that air cushion packaging was the way of the future. At AirWave, we were the first to introduce this innovative technology.

From the beginning, AirWave™ has paved the way as online shopping gain in popularity. Ever since, we have continuously worked with our customers by providing new developments, allowing our customers to select from a unique range of machines and films and packing station systems. For you, we always keep up with the new trends to ensure the best protection for your product, even under rapidly changing market conditions.Benefit from our advanced air cushion machine.

Furthermore, we are constantly working on taking into account cost pressure and making advances in process optimisation in the industry with solutions that set economical and ecological standards in transport protection.


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