EcoWave-100 Type 9.7.1 - air cushion chains for AirBoy nano4 (8x4)

EcoWave-100 Type 9.7.1 - 100% climate neutral, 100% made of recycled materials (82% post consumer). A clear statement on sustainability. Suitable for filling small cavities and as intermediate layer.

Price on request
  • 900-571
EcoWave-100 Type 9.7.1  - 100% climate neutral, 100% made of recycled materials (82%... more
  • With the EcoWave-100 air cushion film you get a 100% climate neutral film that protects your goods with a zero carbon footprint.

    • 100% climate neutral
    • 100 made of recycled materials (70% post consumer recycled materials)
    • For heavy to medium goods
    • Tear with ease

    Compatible with the AirBoy nano4 air cushioning machines.

    The EcoWave-100 air cushion films are available in different sizes: air cushion chain (Type 7 - to replace crumbled paper or peanuts) and air cushion mat (Type 8 - to replace bubble wrap or polyethylene).

  • Color: blue
    Air chambers (horizontal): 1
    Width (inch): 8
    Cut off height (inch): 4
    Thickness (mil.): 1.0
    Compatible with: AirBoy nano4
    Feet: 850