AquaWave Type 7.1 - air cushion chains (8x4)

AquaWave Type 7.1 - made out of 100% recycled paper. Suitable for filling large cavities. 210x100mmx300m. Dissolves in water.

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  • SW10215
AquaWave Type 7.1 -  made out of 100% recycled paper . Suitable for filling large... more
  • With the AquaWave air cushion film you get a biodegradable and watersoluble solution that safely protects your packaged goods. The air cushion is made of recycled paper (regrowing raw materials), the wafer-thin home compostable sealing layer has no negative impact on the recyclability. The product bears the RESY symbol, the sorting aid symbol according to DIN 6120 facilitates allocation to the recycling bin.

    Compatible with the AirWave1 / Model 2019 (with AirWave2 film blade / knife), AirWave2 and AirBoy nano4 air cushioning machines.

    The AquaWave air cushion films are available in different sizes: air cushion chain (Type 7 - to replace crumbled paper or peanuts) and air cushion mat (Type 8 - to replace bubble wrap or polyethylene).

  • Color: brown
    Air chambers (horizontal): 1
    Feet: 1000
    Compatible with: AirBoy nano4, AirWave1, AirWave2
    Width (inch): 8
    Cut off height (inch): 4
    Thickness (mil.): 2