Allround void filling to secure packaged goods.

The reliable PolyWave air cushion film has a wall thickness of 0.8 mil. and is the perfect all-rounder for most applications. The air cushion filler with a width between 8" and 12" is ideal for void filling cavities to optimally secure your packaged goods.

Compatible with our AirWave1 and AirWave2 air cushioning machine.

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AirWave Standard Typ 7.1 Polsterkette
PolyWave Type 7.1 - air cushion chains
PolyWave type 7.1 - Suitable for void filling and as an intermediate layer
AirWave Standard Typ 7.2 Polsterkette
PolyWave Type 7.2 - air cushion chains
PolyWave type 7.2 - Suitable for medium sized void fill requirements and as cushioning.
AirWave Standard Typ 7.3 Polsterkette
PolyWave Type 7.3 - air cushion chains
PolyWave type 7.3 - Suitable for filling large cavities
AirWave Standard Typ 7.4 Polsterkette
PolyWave Type 7.4S - air cushion chains
PolyWave type 7.4S - Suitable for filling large cavities.