PolyWave ESD type 7.1 air cushion chain

Low surface resistance of <1x10^11Ω - pink poly

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  • D221020100210700
Low surface resistance of more
  • With the PolyWave ESD air cushion film from AIRWAVE you get an antistatic film, that protects your electronic products during transportation.

    • Surface resistance of <1x10^9Ω
    • Film thickness 0.8 mil.
    • Pre-perforated for easy separation

    The PolyWave ESD air cushion film is available in a variety of cushion sizes: air cushion filler (Type 7) and air cushion wrapper (Type 8).

    Compatible with the AirWave1, AirWave2.

  • Air chambers (horizontal): 1
    Compatible with: AirWave1, AirWave2
    Feet: 2300
    Width (inch): 8
    Cut off height (inch): 4
    Thickness (mil.): 0.8
    Color: pink poly